50 / 50 Initiative:

Buy Art, Support a Good Cause

I will donate 50% from the sale of any original artwork to a cause I value. Paintings, sculptures, quilts, and prints are all eligible.
(Does not apply to zines, multiples, or products ordered through Spoonflower due to production costs.)

You can choose from the organizations and funds listed here, or leave the choice to me.

You can also suggest another fund that supports trans folks, people who are imprisoned, Black lives, decolonization and Indigenous lives, people without housing, harm-reduction services, sex workers, disability justice, and queer arts organizations. 

Did you know?

Commercial art galleries generally take 50% of an artwork sale to cover their expenses, labour, and profit. I decided to put that extra amount towards making the world a better place when you buy art directly from me instead of through a gallery.

If you would like to support this initiative and add my art to your collection,
contact me to request a list of available pieces and prices. Original paintings start around $600.

I also encourage direct donations to these organizations in any amount,
regardless of whether or not you are looking to buy art!

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