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What Makes an Object Queer?

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What Makes an Object Queer?
14 pages
12.5 cm x 10 cm (5 x 4 in)

This is a digital reprint of a book project that was originally screenprinted in eight colours. The original version featured hand-stitched binding and was produced in a edition of 59 at Spark Box Studio, Picton, Ontario (now out of print). For images from the residency click here.

Jamie Q asks the question What Makes an Object Queer? Is an object queer when it's not quite one thing or another? Can art that does not explicitly address queer topics reflect the identity of its maker in other ways? Inspired by Sara Ahmed's Queer Phenomenology, this zine proposes some criteria for queer objects, accompanied by illustrations reminiscent of Jamie Q's sculptural work.

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